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Jesse Biroscak

Professionally, I'm a civic product manager / service designer living in Boston. Even though I love civic tech, I began my tech career alongside the budding sharing economy. As a result, I firmly believe that society's most underutilized resource is its people. My super secret tactics for improving government and our social fabric include fully-focused listening, working together with others, asking "Why?", and being positive. Here's my LinkedIn if you want achievement-oriented details.

Personally, I'm husband to Maggie and dada to Mila (Me-la). I'm an excessively proud native San Franciscan, and I wish SF hadn't gotten so expensive. Boston - still cheaper than SF - is my home now, and I love the wide range of people living in this City. After work, you can find me playing with Mila, grilling up some dinner, tending my garden, or claiming I'm woodworking.

Want to talk about the value propositions of cities? Post-growth economics? Power tools? Which vegetables to plant as natural pesticides? How to build a secret passageway? I'm game. Just say hi.

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